Waterloo Devfest

AI in Action: From Prediction to Integration

DevFest, the largest decentralized developer conference, transcends beyond a regular meetup to offer a rich array of activities including, but not limited to, insightful talks, hands-on demos, and highly interactive workshops. The agenda is specifically crafted to cater to the interests and needs of the vibrant local developer communities, providing an enriched learning experience and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

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Venue, Lazaridis Atrium
Waterloo DevFest Lunch
DevFest Waterloo 2022
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Tanmay Bakshi

In 2022

250 in-person attendees and over 10k live viewers.

Whether you are a seasoned developer, a student, or an AI enthusiast, DevFest Waterloo 2023 promises a collaborative environment where you can enhance your knowledge, network with like-minded individuals, and be a part of the driving force that is steering the future of technology.

This year we are expecting ...

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Introducing Our Expert Speakers

Discover the minds driving innovation at DevFest Waterloo 2023. Our speakers, are set to provide insights and hands-on experiences that resonate with our theme, "AI in Action: From Prediction to Integration." Join us, learn from the best, and explore the forefront of technology.

  • Hoda Abokhadra

    MLOps @ Scotiabank | MCS-DS @ UIUC | Certified GCP Architect | AHF Advisor & Mentor

  • Mike Wolfson

    Lead Engineer for Able AI LLC

  • Jeremy Wilken

    Engineering Leadership & Futurist

  • Bardish Chagger

    Member of Parliament for Waterloo

  • David Cardozo

    Senior Designer

  • Elyes Manai

    Machine Learning GDE & Educator

  • Mark Ryan

    Manager in Google Cloud AI

  • Artur Badretdinov

    GDE, Director of Android Engineering @ Squire

  • Bryce Howitson

    Shepherd of ideas, designer of interfaces, writer of code, maker of prototypes

  • Alex Astrum

    Developer Relations Engineer @ Google

  • Jacob Lee

    Founding Software Engineer @ LangChain

  • Hana Hassan

    Founder | Talent Connector | Mentor | Community Builder

Agenda (with tracks)

Main Stage

  1. Registration (Coffee & Networking)

    - EST

  2. Opening Remarks

    - EST

  3. Opportunity Knocks

    Why a small-company developer joined Google by Alex Nicolau

    - EST

  4. Lightning Talk

    Bridging Talent, Technology, and Inclusivity: A Glimpse into Google's Ecosystem by James Campbell

    - EST

  5. Navigating the AI Odyssey

    Unveiling Unseen Forces with Jeremy Wilken

    - EST

  6. LLM Chronicles

    A Journey Through A Year of Evolution by Mark Ryan

    - EST

  7. Navigating Tech Transitions

    Hoda's Blueprint from Art to Machine Learning

    - EST

  8. Lunch Break

    Box lunches & Networking

    - EST

Room: Main Stage

Room: LH1009

Room: LH1010

  1. Women in Tech

    Breaking Barriers And Building the Future

    - EST

  2. Beats Meets Code

    Unleashing Creativity with breakbeatcode

    - EST

Main Stage

  1. BREAK

    - EST

  2. Engineering Arts & Crafts

    How to UI without a design degree

    - EST

  3. Navigating Explainable AI

    Opportunities, Challenges and Real-world Insights by Elyes Manai

    - EST

  4. Mindfuel Magic

    Skyrocketing Your Productivity with AI

    - EST


    Earn prizes by participating in interactive activity.

    - EST

Exclusive Learning Offer for Attendees

We are delighted to offer all DevFest Waterloo 2023 attendees complimentary access to Google Cloud`'s rich training resources, a value worth $299. Uncover the fundamentals of Generative AI through a specially tailored learning path at no cost. Additionally, discounted subscriptions to Google Cloud`'s full training catalog are available for those eager to dive deeper. Seize this opportunity, register now, and take your skills to the next level!

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